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 Royal Universe

A Unique Assortment of Gifts, Clothing & Collectibles, Featuring Henry VIII & his Six Wives!

The six wives of King Henry VIII are now featured on an exciting new line of merchandise, available from!  Now you can enjoy colorful, original images of Henry VIII & all of his Queens, created by Laurie Sebastian, on:


T-shirts & tank tops


Tote bags


Coffee cups, mugs & steins


Decorative tile coasters


Mouse pads & note cards

To find out more about the Royal Universe line of products, click on this link:

To learn more about specific Royal Universe products, click on any one of the images shown below:

         T-Shirts                Tank Tops             Tote Bags


      Coffee Cups         Large Mugs                  Steins    


     Tile Coasters            Mouse Pads            Note Cards    


The T-shirts, tank tops, tote bags, cups, mugs & steins are available in designs showing King Henry VIII on one side (back), and the Queen of your choice on the front.  You can also order cups, mugs & steins decorated with all six of King Henry's wives!!


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