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The Six Wives of Henry VIII

  I.  Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon was the first of Henry VIII's six wives.  She was Queen of England from 1509 until 1533, when Henry divorced her to marry Anne Boleyn. 

Catherine of Aragon led a very interesting life.  She had periods of great happiness, as well as times of tragedy.  Her impact on the period in which she lived was considerable.  Although not by design, she was a major force in the creation of the Church of England, and in the English Church's break from the Pope in Rome.  Catherine's dogged refusal to give King Henry a divorce, so that he could marry Anne Boleyn and produce a male heir, was the major catalyst for these events.

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Catherine' of Aragon's Story

Since Catherine was Queen for the longest time of any of Henry's wives, two dolls were created to show her in both youth and middle age.  Catherine has four costumes, plus the two dolls dressed in undergarments.

If you want to see the Catherine doll image that is wearing clothes, as opposed to the traditional paper doll dress with tabs, click on one of the four pictures below. This will cause a larger version of the fully-dressed doll to display.  You can then print out the image from that page.  When finished, hit your back button to return to this page.

If you wish to see the traditional paper doll that you can dress in clothes with tabs, please continue to page down below these first four images.

Dressed Dolls


Below are the same costumes, with tabs in the  traditional paper doll style.  Also included are two Catherine of Aragon dolls wearing undergarments that you can dress in these fashions.

Please select the image you want to print, click on the small picture to expand it, and print the dress from that page.

Dolls to Dress & Doll Clothes


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